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April 6th Save The Date

SignUp : NOW OPEN “You either walk inside your story & own it or you stand outside your story & hustle for your worthiness.”  ~Brene Brown  Welcome  You have decided to be the conscious creator of your narrative. I know you are both excited and other thangs to, its ok..  The stories you told served you. They had a purpose and got you this far.  … Read More April 6th Save The Date


Rejection 144 plus 1

‪I’m rooting for you!!! I’m SO PROUD Of YOU I SAID IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! Go head!!! Got rejected or turned away? Me oh just 120,975, 799,842 & counting Goodness this month has had its ups & twists. I thought I had most of it mapped out & at list remedially figured out only for the end result to be less than I … Read More Rejection 144 plus 1


TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW- 21 Day Writing WorkShop- The Stories I Told Myself.

The Stories I Told Myself  A 21 Day Writing Intensive Workshop- #TSITM All inclusive / All Welcome 18+ 02. March.19 TICKETS ON SALE NOW!!! This writing workshop is designed to: 1. Explore your conscious & unconscious narratives 2. Question everything, (How has your stories served you) 3. Consider what is fair value, now. (What do you want now) Each week a has a theme & … Read More TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW- 21 Day Writing WorkShop- The Stories I Told Myself.


2019 Welcome

Happy Happy New Year 💫 I like to spend my New Year day in review of the previous year. What goals, aspirations, desires, hopes, & dreams did I strategize to achieve, & see forth through fruition? What did I choose to let go to allow space for other things to grow, thrive & evolve? What amazing things showed up in my life this year, … Read More 2019 Welcome

Ujima: The collective work & responsibility.

Habari Gari? Day 3 Welcomes you back! Ujima / Collective Work & Responsibility “To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers’ and sisters’ problems our problems and solve them together.” Prosperity is no person left behind that your worth of existence IS! Innate and IS without a doubt well. To see each other framed in the light of community, neighbor, friend, … Read More Ujima: The collective work & responsibility.

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