Solution Seeking Saturday’s! Weekly Tip#1

Hey hey y’all!!! I was talkin to my cousin and she inspired me!! I hope this day finds you well.

It’s Saturday and most of us would be off today which just really means we are working on our other shit… our relationships count too. I’m giving yall a solution / tip a week on how to strength your relationships! 🙌🏾

I’m all about solution seeking.

Welcome & Thank you in advance for being here!

This week topics

  1. Making money that’s hidden in plain sight!
  2. Automate your savings
  3. Make ALL your money work for you!

I wanted to share with y’all some tools I have gathered over time and point you in the right direction to obtain your goals. It doesn’t matter what you reason, extra money helps. My reasons were of pure necessity, while your might not be! Either way enjoy!

I had shifted my mind set & then I became a solution seeker.

I found the “gig/side hustle” community around 2015 when I joined TaskRabbit in NYC.. ok yeah, I found my way to NYC where I lived for 18 months, I knew no one… yeah life ya crazy! I’m now an elite Tasker!

4 years ago I transitioned from employee to suddenly unemployed with 3 kids, very recently divorced which included complete financial annihilation, my car re-poed after the engine blew up and I was repairing it, I was fired from my job for creating a hostile work environment, says “Becky”, an emotional wreck. You get the idea….and no I’m not joking.

Everything I owned and worked towards my entire life was gone.

Every label I had made or been given and accepted I no longer could claim.

I was only me and I needed to figure what the fuck that really meant. And survive/live too, plus take care of my kids… yep still be a supper hero that I was before just rebranded… but I needed to time and tools, it required a tremendous amount of adjustments in my mentality and behaviors, shifting and seeing myself and my situation from new vantages :.. oh and I was $250k in debt.. yep I’m serious

I learned how to accept responsibility and ownership for myself in all things. Taking control of my entire self, mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually, & financially meant I was only seeking solutions, I have lived through my life biggest challenges. I have so much to gain, so much to share.

  1. I’m Less than 1 year Ebates has given me $50 for buying shit I needed like 3 pairs of glasses for my son JUST this year…
  2. I use Qapital lets me save without thinking. I save & never miss it and it’s FREE! If you use my link we both get $5! There are many options for saving, My favorite is rounding up. Ever time I swipe my card they round up and save the change it’s seems like a little bit but it adds up 2.5 Selflender. It builds your credit with an auto savings deduction that pays out interest. So you agree to an $$ 25-plus & time frame for pay off. At the end they pay you all the money plus the interest in addition they report to all Credit bureaus! Ummm win win win!
  3. I have credit cards! That pay cash back rewards. I use them for all the bills I pay every month anyway which I then earn money back /rewards for.

That’s free money!!

Instead of a debit or check, Which you pay for 👀!

So what you gonna do with your extras?

As always THANK YALL in advance ! Appreciate the support, shares & likes where it fits!




Its Thursday! FB LIVE 7pm PST. Topic this week- Blended Families

Blended Families.

  • Time (how we worked out the time/visitations)
  • Money/Finances
  • Holidays
  • Conflict resolution
  • Who’s responsibility is it
  • Love & respect
  • Much much more!

So get your questions ready, get your mind set to input and feed back! I am looking forward to sharing with yall!

I have been a part of a blended family for 38 years as a bonus kid with both my parents remarrying and having additional kids, and partners with kids.
YEAH and divorce again!

I later created a blended family of my own as a bonus mom with 3 boys and their families and dynamics, plus my own child. YES thats 3 mommas plus a daddy! Listen I can’t make this stuff up BUT I am happy to share my journey with yall today.

Its about that growing and learning.

See yall soon! 7pm PST FB and Instagram!

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Thursday’s LIVE Reminder & Discussion Topic

I thank you in advance 💯🙌🏾❤️ appreciate y’all showing up last week and looking forward to y’all this week. 🎉🎉🎊🙌🏾😜

Im looking forward to this weeks topic, “Improving Communication During Times of Perceived Conflict”

👀🤣😏 I know somebody over outcher wit dis face on…. 😒😓🤪🤯it’s ok!

I used those words to provoke a thought process. Reality is in our head and subject to challenged by others. What do we do?

Here’s the thing we can NOT create solutions with the same mindset that created the problem. New “tools” ideas and ways of doing things help us achieve the shift.

Are the expectations the same for a runner without legs as one who has them?

See y’all tomorrow 💯🙌🏾

My First FB Live! Today

Thank you in advance for the support you are giving!!! I see you!!!

What I do know is we all need a safe place. Im ready to laugh or cry, to share my tools & tricks while learning yalls. I’ve had a friendship for 26 years and in that place I’ve had the opportunity to create and manifest the life I live today. It is my goal to assist others in doing the same.

Let’s talk about life. With transparency and no blame or shaming. Let’s create space to develop deep meaningful exchanges and level up on our social & emotional exchanges.

Let’s embrace and find places to build and support and strengthen.

Let’s celebrate.

Some of my Life 101’s

I’m so grateful to have successfully contributed to a few humans that sprang from my loins & a few others from my heart but other loins, a few have survived to maturation & 1 has now made me a proud grandmother! There are still 2 in progress & yet to be determined outcome. 🤣

Translation: I’m parenting & grand-parenting lol or something like that lol

In addition to the privilege of growing up in a blended family I then graduated to being a bonus mom myself. One of my kidlets was special needs for ADHD and some other traumas. I know what it’s like to sit through IEP’s and evaluations.

I’m a late student who graduated in my 30’s! And a teen momma, I have lived a diverse life. I have been married and divorced. It happens, I’m a better person, communicator, parent because of my growth through my adversities.

I have learned how to live frugally! Listen I can feed 6 with $10 and have a complete meal. Meal planning, beatification on a budget, thrifting, fixing and all that Jazz.

The gig economy (contract work ie Task Rabbit /Thumbtack) (no this is not a promotion or marketing 🎈💯)

I’m new to Stockton but not to my joy of helping others! Business Networking and Referrals is my way of connecting with my community to support my love of other entrepreneurs a small business owners like myself. Public speaking and supporting healthy relationships is my experience & expertise.

There is power and healing in a community dedicated to communication and love. I’ll see y’all tonight!


All are welcome


When fear shows up how do you meet it? Do you meet it…..

I watched Nina speak reverently and with such passion. Her words conveying her desire for equality and freedom.

I agree with her point and then I got to thinking… is this my idea of freedom? The lack of fear?


When fear shows up: I have a 10 seconds rule:

For 10 seconds ONLY

I allow myself to submit to the fear. I dive into the pit of what if’s, the dread of the worst possible outcome, the crushing weight of myself imposed failure. I allow what ever physical expression to manifest. I accept, acknowledge, and address my fear head on. Like a fish to water I allow the pain to engulf me.. For 10 seconds…

And then.. I do.

The addendum to life is despite fear life goes on, with or without me. So despite my fears I move. Despite my fear I do. Despite my fear I achieve. And move on. Accepting my place gives me the ability to check in and evaluate my progress as well as my needs to achieve my goal. I don’t get stuck anymore because I allow the space.

Freedom to me is not the lack of fear, fear is just an indicator, but rather the ability to achieve and function at our best despite the fear.

When you build it, you realize they have been waiting.

Today was the day!!!!! SBRNG🚀💯🙌🏾 Thank you Trail Coffee Roasters for your fabulous drinks and treats!

Networking, like sitting in a place and meeting people is not an issue, in theory. In fact people speak to me, often. Lol but doing it..well that’s something else. Starting it, meaning creating it is another thing.

My fear👀: No one would show up and I would be just sitting there… alone. I know not the end of the world, but that’s ok!

Truth: I was not alone! It’s a coffee shop and I worked through it.

I met Susan and her daddy Ben today. It’s her birthday and she is 3 years old! They shared a few minutes of their time and we wished her happy birthday 🎊🎂🎉🎁🎈 with a cookie, although she did tell her daddy the cookie was NOT a replacement for her cake 😒🤣💯

I sat in the coffee shop and enjoyed the place I have arrived that allows me the opportunity to network on a Tuesday morning within my community.

My life has measurable goals and outcomes and this was yet another achievement!! Today it was 4 attendees, 1 photographer, 2 kidlets being cuter then cute, 1 dad who is studying Japanese, & me!!!

I look forward to seeing what next week brings! Thank you in advance!

Stockton Business & Referral Networking Group Launch! Well tomorrow lol

It’s my LAUNCH 🚀 Tomorrow!

If you live or work in Stockton or the surrounding areas, or know anyone who does, you are welcomed!

Group Networking Goals= Pay It Forward

Let’s meet, lets get to know each other, lets grow!

How this works?

Bring a business card

Take a business card

Call the person who’s card you picked

In 1 weeks times connect with that person to see how you can be of assistance/ service.

Yep thats it!

I look forward to meeting you all!

Stockton Business & Referral Networking Group Launch

Hello All. You are all INVITED to join me in launching Stockton Business & Referral Networking Group! I truly believe that when we step out and connect with others, great things happen. SOOOOOO 

I hope this day finds you well!

I am a newer resident of Stockton and although I have lived here for over a year I am a commuter. Until recently..

I am looking forward to growing within this community and what better way than to meet others right?! I have been taking walks, and drives, and getting to know my local business owners, and neighbors. 

I truly believe in the power of connecting. I have had the pleasure of traveling and meeting wonderful people. It is my goal to continue that practice here in Stockton. 

  • Who: A person in business. (Small, Medium, Online, MLM, Sales, Coaching, Dentist, Florist, etc) 
  • When: Every Tuesday 10am-11:30am
  • Where: Downtown Stockton Trails Coffee (Buy your own beverage)

Group Networking Goals= Pay It Forward

Let’s meet, let’s get to know each other, let’s grow!

  1. Bring a business card
  2. Take a business card
  3. Call the person whose card you picked
  4. In 1 weeks times connect with that person to see how you can be of assistance/ service.

Yep that’s it!

I look forward to meeting you every Tuesday, beginning May 29th 10am!

RoadTrip! Happy Hump Day

HappyHumpDay y’all! How are you planning or creating your life? Today what intention will you follow through on? What new goal will be reached? What new lesson will you learn, what place will you implement?

Today we begin #AZROADTRIP!! It’s amazing how quickly life adds up. In the middle of hardships life can feel overwhelming, long and never ending. Yet in happiness wow how time flies by! Tomorrow my baby bro graduates 🎓 from college🤭! Damn I’m proud.

On our way to #arizona for celebrations 🎉

Life is a plan..relationships of any kind, especially intimate lasting relationships, require input, consideration & planning.

I appreciate that I have the ability to take a road trip with 7 people I love for 5 days without the worries of my past. You know requesting days off or a boss and all that Jazz…

I can see my #radicalselfcare and how it has paid off.

Are you able to look at your life and see overall satisfaction reflected back?

College graduation began 20 plus years ago, when my baby bro asked what he would do and he was told, graduate from college and enjoy life!!! YEEEEEEEEEEE lets me be clear it wasn’t a straight road nor was it uncomplicated. It was worth it, it is worth it! Creating a plan leads to greater success. I’m so proud to be able to see the benefits!


Marriage Planning Expert


Welcome to the Group! We thank you in advance for sharing your time and interest in building better lasting relationships.
Everyone is welcome, this is not a sales group but we do trade in knowledge.

How can we help each other succeed. Lets talk about it! One of the most invaluable tools a expedition can have is a map. You need know where your going, how to navigate the landscape and reach your goals at as manageable pace.

We do not have the remedies for perfect relationships, nor am I a Dr or therapist, I don’t pretend to be, we are not trying to cure nor diagnose. We simply are sharing and exchanging experiences for the wiser.

Marriage Planning Expert


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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