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The Stories I Tell Myself

21 Day Writing Intensive

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Decided to be the conscious creators & soul🙂

Oh the stories we have inside of us, lol

The Stories I Told Myself 21 Day Writing Intensive Workshop


Community I appreciate y’all.

Thank you in advance for your time & feedback

Would you consider doing a quick review of my site I went live today and I would appreciate your input, support & shares where they fit.

Don’t hurt to enroll if the workshop suits you either! 🙂

Thank you in advance for the time & brutal input






2019 Welcome

Happy Happy New Year 💫

I like to spend my New Year day in review of the previous year.

What goals, aspirations, desires, hopes, & dreams did I strategize to achieve, & see forth through fruition?

What did I choose to let go to allow space for other things to grow, thrive & evolve?

What amazing things showed up in my life this year, providing me endless opportunities to live a life beyond my wildest dreams & imagination?

Now what magic will I co-create, achieve, and provide through this new!?

I’m not set in stone more sure beyond the knowing I am meeting each moment with an open heart, treating my life & experiences as extraordinary.

I choose to use duality in seeing life in both the eyes of a beginner & simultaneously honoring my wisdom of time.

I choose to embrace, #Joy #implementation as the word/theme of this year. Let’s here from y’all in the comments I’ll tell you mine

I have wanted to learn more about a few personal areas of improvement and always had what I perceived as a valid reason to choose something outside of self… I am choosing me more consistently:)

Ujima: The collective work & responsibility.

Habari Gari?

Day 3 Welcomes you back!

Ujima / Collective Work & Responsibility

“To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers’ and sisters’ problems our problems and solve them together.” Prosperity is no person left behind that your worth of existence IS! Innate and IS without a doubt well. To see each other framed in the light of community, neighbor, friend, extended family, Humanity is our super power the ability to shape the world to your own image and interest.

Ask yourself three basic questions: 🗣

1. How are you building your foundational future personally?

2. How are you contributing to building and maintaining the foundation of your family?

3. How are you contributing to building and maintaining the foundation of your community?

Evolve in our daily growth as individuals & community.

There is something powerful in our consciousness. Even more so in the collective

Thank you for your participation, time and effort & energy.

#TheMeIWasTomorrow is Accepting Podcast interviews for the new year! 👀link in bio .

Thank y’all for the support in listening, liking, sharing & comments!

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