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“You either walk inside your story & own it or you stand outside your story & hustle for your worthiness.”  ~Brene Brown 


You have decided to be the conscious creator of your narrative. I know you are both excited and other thangs to, its ok.. 

The stories you told served you. They had a purpose and got you this far. 

You realized you have evolved & that requires a new narrative.  

It seems simple, just a story. 

Over 21 days we dive deep.

Exploring, evolving, and creating safe space to share and gain new tools. 

The questions & writing prompts are simple. The process worth your while. 

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Rejection 144 plus 1

I’m rooting for you!!!



Go head!!!

Got rejected or turned away?

Me oh just 120,975, 799,842 & counting

Goodness this month has had its ups & twists. I thought I had most of it mapped out & at list remedially figured out only for the end result to be less than I hoped for!

Shit I’m no expert but I do have a college education & I’m computer literate (listen I been around sense internet was dial up! I got a badge to prove it! )

I did my research, asked questions, even watch some damn videos. Prepared ya see… and I still need more lol

So Im trying NO doing


and some more

And again

Chicken soup for the soul was rejected 144 times before it was picked up.

I have felt that moment where I’m really thinking is this really worth it? Maybe I should just let it go & givin up and moving on.

Been there, kept goin.

It’s alllllll good! Being able to sit down and think it though is important & a huge part of my evolution. The ability to really question myself, hold myself accountable again & again. Going back to the original hypothesis and being wise enough to re-work my ideas!

YOU are 1 step CLOSER after every rejection & every no! That’s the KNOWING that helped me shift.

Chicken soup for the soul was rejected 144 times before it was picked up by a publisher that was NOT popular either. In fact the publishing company was facing some financial hardships themselves BUT still took the risk, even after just about EVERYONE else said no.

Today CSFTS has 250 TITLES!!! That’s separate books!

The book has sold more than 110 MILLION copies thus far…

Be like #jackcanfield

I will walk through 1000 NO’s of rejection and I would walk through 1000 more just because I KNOW I’m that gal who walks through REJECTIONS to arrive at SUCCESS DOOR!!!

🙂 YOU are on the right track! HAPPY Wednesday. Somebody needed this today

💛🔥🙌🏾I’m rooting for you!!!

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TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW- 21 Day Writing WorkShop- The Stories I Told Myself.


The Stories I Told Myself 
A 21 Day Writing Intensive Workshop- #TSITM
All inclusive / All Welcome 18+
02. March.19

This writing workshop is designed to:
1. Explore your conscious & unconscious narratives
2. Question everything, (How has your stories served you)
3. Consider what is fair value, now. (What do you want now)
Each week a has a theme & a daily prompt to write about, explore, support, share & discuss.
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Over 21 Day we cease the hustle & shift to worthiness of ownership. Our goal is to cultivate & evolve in consciousness. Knowing we are creators & soul narrators of life allowing ourselves to be transparent & vulnerable.
Thank Yall in advance for the support in watching the video, signing up for the email list, sharing the event and where it fits JOINING US!!!!

See yall on the 2nd!
I have EXTRAS for the EARLY BIRD SIGNUP Between now and MONDAY 6pm 1/2 TICKETS!



Enrollment OPEN-The Stories I Told Myself 21 Day Writing Intensive.



Today is the official Pre-Launch & Open Enrollment

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The Stories I Tell Myself

21 Day Writing Intensive

Classes Begin 02.March.19

All inclusive / All Welcome 18+

$49 Individual / $69 Couples


Decided to be the conscious creators & soul🙂

Oh the stories we have inside of us, lol

The Stories I Told Myself 21 Day Writing Intensive Workshop


Community I appreciate y’all.

Thank you in advance for your time & feedback

Would you consider doing a quick review of my site I went live today and I would appreciate your input, support & shares where they fit.

Don’t hurt to enroll if the workshop suits you either! 🙂

Thank you in advance for the time & brutal input




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