“Perfection of character is this: to live each day as if it were your last, without frenzy, without apathy, without pretence.” ― Marcus Aurelius

The most terrifying moment of my life has been outpaced, I have lost count, each time, by another. Truth so I am careful of the words for which I put forth.. the cadence for which I lay the foundation of my perception, internally..-me

I have lost every thing:

I wanted, dreamed of, fought for, prayed/begged/bargained/raged/cried for

For it to later understand it was only creating space to hold, next.

Implementation is everything. Planning counts, there’s is a time & a place for all and maturity taught me how to hear myself through others.

Welcome in about 24 hours we begin Bridges Narrative Intensive

The stories we tell..WHY or WHY not counts… To my fellow #storytellers

My deepest appreciation for cultivating & sharing your art & passion. It takes bravery.

I was a child that was too much, grew into the girlfriend that was too much, then upgraded to they wife that was, yep you guess it, too much. In fact most of my past relationships, that was the string of consistency.. I’m too much.

The cadence of my intrapersonal conversations and narratives. The ebb & flow of how I showed up & what I gave my ATTENTION too.

Gaining, consistency in shifting the narratives we perpetuate.

That is what Bridges Narrative Intensive Represents 8 weeks of :

Accountability to our inner power. Reminder of the truth. Shifting and writing narratives that create room, by acknowledging.

In just 8 weeks there will be a new year will you meet it with a new you, like we said… last years. And before years, to many to count?

Listen to me!!! Y’all when I tell you. Living this life beyond my wildest dreams and imagination took loses of more than I could have imagined. My house, cars, Jobs, “career choice”, marriage, friends, enemies, relationships…

The labels of who I was, thought I was and what those labels meant, truly.

Mother, wife, self, human, JamiQuan what defines ME. The story is yours.

Begin the journey with us in just 24 hours space is Intimate and Limited.

Welcome to: The me I was tomorrow: PODCAST Location, 10 Platforms, Storytelling, but are we missing the bird in a tree?


Thank you for the AMAZING support, consumption, likes, shares & listens!

You, Yall! have given and continue to give in support of this passion.

Storytellers UNITE!

The Me I Was Tomorrow

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#MarriagePlanning 30 Day Marriage Building Challenge Day 1

Hey y’all!

Welcome to day 1 of our 30 Day Marriage Building Challenge

Quick recap

1 thing every day

A simple way to connect with your s/o over the next 30 days consistently.

That’s it

Write a note, draw a picture, leave a quote.

Listen it can be as simple as a sticky note or a piece of paper.


If your feeling fancy stop by a dollar tree or

.99 cent store for cards and art supplies!

Listen don’t limit yourself there are stickers, crayons, markers and all kinds good stuff!

Have fun y’all and see ya tomorrow.

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#MarriagePlanning & Conflict Resolution

The 1st and 3rd TOP reasons listed for divorce/ separation

1. Lack of communication — 75%


3. Too much conflict and arguing — 57.7%

When you think about it they feed into each other.

Im all about them solutions, tricks & tips

Here’s 5 steps to help!

1. What are the RULES of engagement!?!?

Many times we have an idea of what and how things should be, but my favorite thing to teach

NO ONE IS A MIND READER, open your mouth and speak your expectations!

Does everyone know what is expected?

Has there EVER been clearly define acceptable behaviors and or expectations

Where they verbally agreed upon?

2. Ignore or confront

There is a time and a place for planned ignoring everything doesn’t require a response nor input.

There is NOTHING wrong with confronting an issue head on, the issue NOT the person.

3. Location!

Praise in public

Citizen in private

Keep your PERSONAL things personal the time and place is NOT in public.

4. Don’t jump to conclusions.

Even if you think it’s obvious give the a place for the UNKNOWN and allow the other party the opportunity to explain and provide their perspective.

Life is complex and issues that have lead to the feelings of conflict are complex.

5. Stop punishing think opportunity to LEARN!

Your partner is Not your child to punish.

Let that sink in… your partner is your equal and deserves the ability to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner.

And my bonus:

So here’s something I would like y’all to consider and one I pose often to my clients

Think about the WORSE display you have given in anger towards the person you loved.. would you interact with your boss and co-workers in the same manner? MOST would say no.

With everything that I bring in this place I thank y’all in advance for the vulnerability in being here. Wishing y’all all the success with ease and grace as we grow!


Communication & Marriage Planning


Communication is listed as the #1 cause of divorce, with 78% of folks.

We have been it & complained about it ourselves!!!

So let’s start here! Solutions, skills & evolution!

Do you know the varying styles/ forms of communication?

1. Assertive communication

2. Aggressive communication

3. Passive-Aggressive communication

4. Submissive communication

5. Manipulative communication

Learn Your Communication Style take the quiz below


– Once you know your own you can understand how to use your skills effectively.

Join us! To continue the conversation & more.


Thank you in advance!

We are looking forward to seeing y’all!


20 Random Facts!

Ready to hear it! Here it goes

Imma tell y’all random things about me when your done share in the comments about you too!

1. I do not love choc but I’ll eat it sometimes frozen almond snickers why y’all didn’t tell me sooner!!!


2. I moved to NYC Harlem from Sacramento Ca in ‘15 by myself with 2 bags. That’s it. IM CRAZY! Then I moved up to 161& Yankee in da Bronx in ‘16. I left NYC because it’s COLD to long & the people show it.

👀 listen LINDA while I was there BOTH winters produced snow storms that had not been seen in 60 years. Closing the city & airport. NO ma’am no SIR that was my que to exist the state!

3. I love working with people & food. My dream… 🤫🤭to own a spot. With spices, snacks, sum sum to drink, a neighborhood spot, book store, small business pop ups! Plants. A baker who brings in baked goods!

Uncanny Living Cafe 🤗🔥 spot I walked by yesterday



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4. Books over TV! paper books then audio books. America Gods by Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite audio books

5. I’m a PK Military kid grew up Air Force. Certifiable cra cra some say. I like to say I’m well rounded & stay ready so I don’t have to get ready. THEY SAY THAT IM CRAZY… I just know what it feels like when the ceiling is GONE! @2chainz

6. I CURSE cause my granny cursed & my momma & dem cussed. I’m better but you will hear me, I’m not shamed. I saw what I say in love and awareness that’s why my clients & mentees come back

PSS did you check out the writing course?

7. Owned my first home at 25 in Sacramento Ca. #Middlecoff

8. Walked away from my life & started over almost 9 years ago and I’m still figuring out what it’s going to be! I can & I am taking my time. Did you know I’m a coach & help others when they are evolving & transforming?

9. I’m a granny!!! She is hecka cute too.

10. I grew up in a seriously blended family. I had no idea or concept of “just” a nuclear family 🔥💛 bonus everything’s are everything!

11. If you see me running don’t ask RUN TOO! 👀 don’t say I didn’t say nothin. I read GOT before it was popular… more than once


12. @suntorywhisky_hibiki IS LIFE

13. I became serious about my meditation / yoga journey about 4 years ago.

14. I volunteered at the Emeryville Siddha Yoga #prisionproject

15. We have been blessed by a guru 3/18 is our 3 year anniversary of dating. Oh I’m married too 🙂 made a year in Dec.

16. Depression & Anxiety use to be my companions. I know what it’s like to live in a place where you have no idea, and I know what it’s like to work through it! Shifting the narrative.

17. I’m nekked almost 100% of the time when I’m at home. Everyone and anyone that knows me knows.

19. I love walking, nature hikes, geocaching. Rivers, water, ocean, mountains, hills valley I’m there for it. I garden, plant and cultivate live plants as often and where ever I can. I owned a plot at the community garden and can hardly wait to get back!

20. I’m a GEEK Comic-Con. Sci-fi & more



I have now managed to lose and keep off over 100lbs, reverse insulin dependent pill & shot Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol. I am no longer depressed, anxious & debilitated with my existence.



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Online Creative Writing Workshop is LIVE

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Our goal!

To discover the narratives that we created and shift them to best serve your future!

You wake up every day and there is ALWAYS going to be a group who says NO… A place that you stumbled, feel, let go or walked away from.

The Universe Creates NO voids. Know that when & where there is are no’s it’s to redirect you to the YES!


Remember, own, know.

Recreate 🗣

Write your own stories

The Stories I Told Myself

A 21 Day Writing Intensive Workshop- #tsitm

All inclusive / All Welcome

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This writing workshop is designed to:


1. Explore your conscious & unconscious narratives


2. Question everything, (How have your stories served you?)


3. Consider what is fair value, now. (What do you want now?)


I’m rooting for you!!! I’m SO PROUD Of YOU

I SAID IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! Go head!!!

Got rejected or turned away?

Chicken soup for the soul was rejected 144 times before it was picked up!

Feel like letting go or giving in!? Been there, kept goin.

It’s alllllll good!

YOU are 1 step CLOSER after every rejection & every no!


Today CSFTS has 250 TITLES with more than 110 MILLION copies sold thus far

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Think like #jackcanfield KNOW your better than good 🙂

YOU are on the right track!

HAPPY Friday!

Somebody needs this today 💛🔥🙌🏾I’m rooting for you!!!

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The stories I told myself. 21 Day Writing Intensive!


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