The 1st and 3rd TOP reasons listed for divorce/ separation

1. Lack of communication — 75%


3. Too much conflict and arguing — 57.7%

When you think about it they feed into each other.

Im all about them solutions, tricks & tips

Here’s 5 steps to help!

1. What are the RULES of engagement!?!?

Many times we have an idea of what and how things should be, but my favorite thing to teach

NO ONE IS A MIND READER, open your mouth and speak your expectations!

Does everyone know what is expected?

Has there EVER been clearly define acceptable behaviors and or expectations

Where they verbally agreed upon?

2. Ignore or confront

There is a time and a place for planned ignoring everything doesn’t require a response nor input.

There is NOTHING wrong with confronting an issue head on, the issue NOT the person.

3. Location!

Praise in public

Citizen in private

Keep your PERSONAL things personal the time and place is NOT in public.

4. Don’t jump to conclusions.

Even if you think it’s obvious give the a place for the UNKNOWN and allow the other party the opportunity to explain and provide their perspective.

Life is complex and issues that have lead to the feelings of conflict are complex.

5. Stop punishing think opportunity to LEARN!

Your partner is Not your child to punish.

Let that sink in… your partner is your equal and deserves the ability to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner.

And my bonus:

So here’s something I would like y’all to consider and one I pose often to my clients

Think about the WORSE display you have given in anger towards the person you loved.. would you interact with your boss and co-workers in the same manner? MOST would say no.

With everything that I bring in this place I thank y’all in advance for the vulnerability in being here. Wishing y’all all the success with ease and grace as we grow!

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