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Imma tell y’all random things about me when your done share in the comments about you too!

1. I do not love choc but I’ll eat it sometimes frozen almond snickers why y’all didn’t tell me sooner!!!


2. I moved to NYC Harlem from Sacramento Ca in ‘15 by myself with 2 bags. That’s it. IM CRAZY! Then I moved up to 161& Yankee in da Bronx in ‘16. I left NYC because it’s COLD to long & the people show it.

👀 listen LINDA while I was there BOTH winters produced snow storms that had not been seen in 60 years. Closing the city & airport. NO ma’am no SIR that was my que to exist the state!

3. I love working with people & food. My dream… 🤫🤭to own a spot. With spices, snacks, sum sum to drink, a neighborhood spot, book store, small business pop ups! Plants. A baker who brings in baked goods!

Uncanny Living Cafe 🤗🔥 spot I walked by yesterday



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4. Books over TV! paper books then audio books. America Gods by Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite audio books

5. I’m a PK Military kid grew up Air Force. Certifiable cra cra some say. I like to say I’m well rounded & stay ready so I don’t have to get ready. THEY SAY THAT IM CRAZY… I just know what it feels like when the ceiling is GONE! @2chainz

6. I CURSE cause my granny cursed & my momma & dem cussed. I’m better but you will hear me, I’m not shamed. I saw what I say in love and awareness that’s why my clients & mentees come back

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7. Owned my first home at 25 in Sacramento Ca. #Middlecoff

8. Walked away from my life & started over almost 9 years ago and I’m still figuring out what it’s going to be! I can & I am taking my time. Did you know I’m a coach & help others when they are evolving & transforming?

9. I’m a granny!!! She is hecka cute too.

10. I grew up in a seriously blended family. I had no idea or concept of “just” a nuclear family 🔥💛 bonus everything’s are everything!

11. If you see me running don’t ask RUN TOO! 👀 don’t say I didn’t say nothin. I read GOT before it was popular… more than once


12. @suntorywhisky_hibiki IS LIFE

13. I became serious about my meditation / yoga journey about 4 years ago.

14. I volunteered at the Emeryville Siddha Yoga #prisionproject

15. We have been blessed by a guru 3/18 is our 3 year anniversary of dating. Oh I’m married too 🙂 made a year in Dec.

16. Depression & Anxiety use to be my companions. I know what it’s like to live in a place where you have no idea, and I know what it’s like to work through it! Shifting the narrative.

17. I’m nekked almost 100% of the time when I’m at home. Everyone and anyone that knows me knows.

19. I love walking, nature hikes, geocaching. Rivers, water, ocean, mountains, hills valley I’m there for it. I garden, plant and cultivate live plants as often and where ever I can. I owned a plot at the community garden and can hardly wait to get back!

20. I’m a GEEK Comic-Con. Sci-fi & more



I have now managed to lose and keep off over 100lbs, reverse insulin dependent pill & shot Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol. I am no longer depressed, anxious & debilitated with my existence.



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