The Stories I Told Myself 
A 21 Day Writing Intensive Workshop- #TSITM
All inclusive / All Welcome 18+
02. March.19

This writing workshop is designed to:
1. Explore your conscious & unconscious narratives
2. Question everything, (How has your stories served you)
3. Consider what is fair value, now. (What do you want now)
Each week a has a theme & a daily prompt to write about, explore, support, share & discuss.
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Over 21 Day we cease the hustle & shift to worthiness of ownership. Our goal is to cultivate & evolve in consciousness. Knowing we are creators & soul narrators of life allowing ourselves to be transparent & vulnerable.
Thank Yall in advance for the support in watching the video, signing up for the email list, sharing the event and where it fits JOINING US!!!!

See yall on the 2nd!
I have EXTRAS for the EARLY BIRD SIGNUP Between now and MONDAY 6pm 1/2 TICKETS!


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