Happy Happy New Year 💫

I like to spend my New Year day in review of the previous year.

What goals, aspirations, desires, hopes, & dreams did I strategize to achieve, & see forth through fruition?

What did I choose to let go to allow space for other things to grow, thrive & evolve?

What amazing things showed up in my life this year, providing me endless opportunities to live a life beyond my wildest dreams & imagination?

Now what magic will I co-create, achieve, and provide through this new!?

I’m not set in stone more sure beyond the knowing I am meeting each moment with an open heart, treating my life & experiences as extraordinary.

I choose to use duality in seeing life in both the eyes of a beginner & simultaneously honoring my wisdom of time.

I choose to embrace, #Joy #implementation as the word/theme of this year. Let’s here from y’all in the comments I’ll tell you mine

I have wanted to learn more about a few personal areas of improvement and always had what I perceived as a valid reason to choose something outside of self… I am choosing me more consistently:)

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