Happy Kwanza!

Happy Kwanzaa! Habari Gani?

Celebrate good times come on!!!!! Day 1of 7 where each day a core principle is reviewed, a candle is lit in representation,

(3 green, 1 black, 3 red. 1st day Black is lit) and finally thoughts & gifts are exchanged.

1st principle

Umoja: Unity.

To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race. (Humans)

With alllllll that we are facing today as a WORLD I found this an amazing opportunity to step back and say, YES.

Come together right now!!!!!!! (I know you sang it!!!did you do a dance move too? I strum the geeetar 🤣)

How are you or can you begin rite now showing up in unity with yourself, family, community, nation, & the human race?

What’s 1 thing you can do TODAY to UNITE yourself with someone else?

Nothing complicated, acknowledging another human as you walk by. EYE contact and a smile goes a long way. Hold the door. Speak with genuine interest

See ya tomorrow I’m looking forward to an update! And yes!!! I’m checkin for you




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