“The me I was tomorrow” Podcast and in honor of some sorta made up marker I’m inventing, I now have a producer šŸ‘€šŸ˜†!!!! A producer and editor for my podcast! Say it IS SO!!! What! I went from a 1 person, to guests to producer & editor…

Oh and a fancy mic to add to the majic makin! It’s not even a holiday and look how the universe is making waves.

I lost 3 guest recordings with over 8 episodes between them.. but hey it’s ok! I like recording guest and with a new mic in the mix plus a producer hummmmm I’m thinking this wait is well worth it.

It’s ok!

My audio was spotty but I didn’t care I knew what I was striving towards. I was using what I had! My phone and head set, but after break my head set needed an upgrade and I went from a desktop to a laptop.

It’s ok!

I have learned to let go of the perfection and initiate knowing that improvements through evolution are the fun parts too!

A fellow podcaster dropped in and offered to share talents! There are many many many ways to enjoy a journey,

And so it is so!

We are back live next week and I’m so excited for y’all to tell me how it sounds now!

Ohh! I’m fancy

As I get ready to skip my way into the new year I’m doing it with intention. Cleaning house, daily rituals reinforced, self and how I interact with all around me.

Welcome back y’all! Let the good times continue! I appreciate the likes, shares, support and listens!

Ps if you haven’t listening go. It’s on the top 10 platforms and the links are in a post. Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

I’m following the yellow brick road šŸ¤£

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