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“It’s entirely possible that the story we tell ourselves all day every day is true and accurate and useful, the very best representation of the world as it actually is.

It’s possible, but vanishingly unlikely.

-10000% truth-


The mirrors in our minds should reflect the best of us not the worst of someone else. What will happen when you show up for yourself like you show up for those around you, or how you wish others would show up for you?

Have you decided you can’t solo bootstrap it anymore? Im here to provide you the support to create & install a new narrative that is sustainable in 8 weeks.


You don’t have to re-write your daily narrative alone. Let’s do it together.

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#storytelling is intricate, layered & magical.

You tried it, a lot. But here’s the truth the new Year is less than 5 weeks away.

How has your current narrative been workin for you?

In addition what is it costing you $$$$ to hold space with the current story you have been telling? #NewYearNewMe

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