Welcome to the New Year New Me BETA Launch Writing Intensive & Personal Coaching Program (Yet to be named in my HP voice)

I am accepting 5 individuals who are willing & ready to work with me for 2 extra weeks before the MAJOR launch in 6 weeks!

Lets Learn to take “ACCOUNT”!


C-Create Personal/Safe Space

O-Ownership of self




Community thank you in advance for your support!

I know this day finds you well.

Everyone wants a reward… And I have 2!

  1. BOGO 1/2 Off! Sign up over the next 24 hours & invite a friend. Receive Beta Pricing
  1. When you refer a friend & they sign up, you are rewarded with $100 and they are too!

The Universe said MOVE and here I am, trusting.

Website is undercontruction, so! Yep!

I am reaching out to my community anyway knowing it’s Done!

Writing Intensive for Trauma Healing. We all have a story that we tell in life. The interpersonal story of pain, shame, fear, hurt, anger, loss and uncertainty. It has crippled you and your ready to rewrite the story. The place that we have found ourselves drawn to again and again. This year, lets work togther to move past the hurt by. Letting it go, see you on the other side.


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