The most terrifying moment of my life has been outpaced, I have lost count, each time, by another. Truth so I am careful of the words for which I put forth.. the cadence for which I lay the foundation of my perception, internally..-me

I have lost every thing:

I wanted, dreamed of, fought for, prayed/begged/bargained/raged/cried for

For it to later understand it was only creating space to hold, next.

Implementation is everything. Planning counts, there’s is a time & a place for all and maturity taught me how to hear myself through others.

Welcome in about 24 hours we begin Bridges Narrative Intensive

The stories we tell..WHY or WHY not counts… To my fellow #storytellers

My deepest appreciation for cultivating & sharing your art & passion. It takes bravery.

I was a child that was too much, grew into the girlfriend that was too much, then upgraded to they wife that was, yep you guess it, too much. In fact most of my past relationships, that was the string of consistency.. I’m too much.

The cadence of my intrapersonal conversations and narratives. The ebb & flow of how I showed up & what I gave my ATTENTION too.

Gaining, consistency in shifting the narratives we perpetuate.

That is what Bridges Narrative Intensive Represents 8 weeks of :

Accountability to our inner power. Reminder of the truth. Shifting and writing narratives that create room, by acknowledging.

In just 8 weeks there will be a new year will you meet it with a new you, like we said… last years. And before years, to many to count?

Listen to me!!! Y’all when I tell you. Living this life beyond my wildest dreams and imagination took loses of more than I could have imagined. My house, cars, Jobs, “career choice”, marriage, friends, enemies, relationships…

The labels of who I was, thought I was and what those labels meant, truly.

Mother, wife, self, human, JamiQuan what defines ME. The story is yours.

Begin the journey with us in just 24 hours space is Intimate and Limited.

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