The Me I Was Tomorrow podcast drop every Wednesday it is my pleasure to introduce this upcoming weeks amazing guest.

Lacey is a visionary, storyteller, mediator and conflict coach, working with individuals, families, and workplaces who are experiencing interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts. She believes we all have an internal landscape that is the result of our lived experiences,; at some point, we get to take responsibility for that landscape, shave away old habits and patterns, and live life on our own terms- in appreciation, health, and abundance. Coming from a large family in small-town Texas, Lacey’s personal story is not one of ease and privilege. It is riddled with societal pressures, racial, gender, and sexual oppression, emotional abuse, and anxiety. But there’s so much beauty in her breakdown(s); understanding her story has taught her how to thrive. She dreams big. She dreams deep, and is unapologetic about it.

You can find Lacey at:



Each guest is like discovery for me. I learn who I am, who I thought I was, who I want to be through my journey.

This was an enormous place of unexpected vulnerability. I was provided the opportunity to do EXACTLY what I had envisioned… maybe?

My goal with this podcast is to provided a safe place for authenticity, respect, vulnerability within myself

so as I sat with Lacey’s

As her story was unfolding I was captivated!

An amazing story teller

We engaged on what has been challenging topics, for most if not all of us.

Strangers no more we threw aside the curtains of our journeys




Christian raised


Heart centered


Yet we were nothing alike

Ohhh the joy of appreciation, acknowledging our similarities our humanity it allows us to dive, roll, cry, laugh in startled recognition.

To look up and find that there was more waiting, so we did another set.

And then it was.. another

And I appreciate that she gave the time to share her story

I look forward in sharing it with you

Over the next 3 weeks, 3 parts, uncut, uncensored, unscripted

Heart centered

Thank you as always for the consumption, sharing, likes and support!

Until Wednesday new series drops enjoy the re-runs!

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