Happy All Hallows’ Eve!!!

This is offically my 5th episode and the completion of my first month of podcasting! 😊What an amazing experience and todays episode is no different! Here’s the thing I began this journey 6 months ago in ernest. Implementing, planning, all before execution.

I learned, I researched, I took leaps into the abyss. Here’s what I learned on the otherside. Others have come and others have won. There is always a space for me. When I am willing to put it out there, and open, I will recieve a response.

1 is enough, and there will always be more when you create the space.

I have not journed how I planned but I have enjoyed the journey non the less.

By a crazy moment of believe in myself. I took a leap.


MEET ✨E’Jaaz Lawal my newest podcast guest today to Treet you on #halloween🎃 🎃




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E’Jaaz Lawal is an upcoming artist currently living in Rochester, NY, originally from Virginia. He’s releasing remixes and singles until his mixtape drops. A young artist looking forward to creating his own lane in this music industry! We met on Twitter by both of us taking a leap. Here is an amazing episode and story of an artist in the middle of begin and the #blackmanjoy I was able to share!

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Thank you for your time,

– E’jaaz Lawal



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pps. Interested in being a guest? Lets talk!🔥

It takes one moment to create an impact.

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