“Every individual can make himself happy. External goods are of trivial importance and without much influence in either direction: prosperity does not elevate the sage and adversity does not depress him.” ― Seneca

I do not eat chocolate of any kind on a regular bases.

Ask anyone, I hated birthday parties and most Halloweens, and gift bags. We  have a society that is soooooo excited about chocolate. But not I

Nope to that Neapolitan ice cream, cakes with chocolate oozing every where, cookies or other confections that are blasted full of chocolate delights, NO thanks.

I am the no thank you, queen of rejection, when it comes to chocolate confections. I appreciate everyone else’s love and admiration for the food group, but it has often failed to captivate my attention. In fact most of the time when chocolate hits my mouth it has a taste profile of dirt, burnt dirt, and well not so good tasting bitter dirt like tastes…

Never have. Its not something that tastes good to me, regularly. But over the years there are have been a few exceptions and today I had to share because really its about noting this great moment in time… heheheh

  1. A frozen Almond Snickers! Listen, linda lol Its not a lot of chocolate on the candy and once its frozen its almost like a ice cream sandwich and the chocolate is not really overpowering. If you have not tried it yet, your welcome 😉
  2. How about a frozen Twix? YESSSS them too! That cookie crunch is so delicious cold and brittle! Your welcome!
  3. And my most recent find… A COOKIE! Its a twixielike cookie but not really… Its a Bahlsen Choco Leibniz Caramel Crispy Cookie  and it is WONDERFULLY made. No joke. I have had 2 items on my list for allllllll my life and this made space for a 3rd!

I guess I have to agree… Until I had a cookie like this, I have said, no thank you. What is the point of this post? Its ok to not like something and still be willing to try it again. I do it all the time. I know that in my trying I am offering a 50/50 chance to the universe that I am willing and open to lifting my self, to challenge my status quo and find another opportunity to be wowed! OR I could be 100% stuck on I do not like chocolate… See I saw that cookie and recognized the components that I liked, even if they showed up differently.

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