So many new faces! I hope this day finds you well and thank y’all in advance for being here! Welcome it is such a pleasure to have you in this space!!!

I am JamiQuan or Jami and I’m in the middle of a reboot and system upgrade. 5 years ago I lost everything that I thought made me the me I thought I was.

My labels, home, job, car, credit, marriage, gone or other wise occupied…

I had to figure it out and live a life I had no idea how, shit I had no idea I was going to have to deviate and create an entirely new thing.

That was not comforting nor exciting. I’m serious. It was death. It took everything inside me please things I had to add

It was not smooth

It was not pretty

It was


It was

What I needed

It was my journey

It is my story

I know what it feels like to build an entire life buy a home at 25 and then, not.

To recreate the story line and not in the memory of the pasts echo but rather from it’s recycled remnants.

I know what it requires.

Recreating yourself takes a lot of tools and patience.

The valuable skills to creatively problem solve and work through grief. The process of mourning to achieve success is not accomplished in 3 days of leave.

The support to follow through to create solutions after tremendous loss is often lacking and even taboo.

Trauma is often met with the idea of just getting over it….

In a nut shell I specialize in teaching others the skills of creative problem solving & effective communication after a significant loss or shift in life. Death is

I’m working to build out curriculum and branding because hey this story of upgrading should be told in it’s totality! I’m not in a struggle but I am upgrading and we all know what a major upgrade looks like…

I am open to opportunities where I can collaborate, contribute, coach, consult, train, and speaking engagements.

That’s my manifestation speaking!!!

I add over 20 years of exceptional soft skills. For the past 3 years I have shifted to coaching and within the gig economy platform assisting over 650 individuals as an elite Tasker. In addition to being a contributing panel member of the gig economy with Task Rabbits

It has been my pleasure to create, implement & lead groups, individuals, families & community based trainings and programs. Combined with my educational experiences of 10 years as a Social Worker with a MSW focused in community development and mental health.

It is my pleasure to help you & your network achieve your goals, learn and of course CRUSH IT!

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