I LOVE the fair. Have you ever been? Every year I have moments of nostalgia when I was gone about not being able to enjoy the fun. But not this year… my happy self found discounted tickets on #groupon and bought them early!

I hand my list ready.

Corn dogs so huge you can’t finish them CHECK

Art & exhibits


heat, family, memories. CHECK & Double check

I’m all for the exhibits give me knowledge and AIR LOL

Dancing in a silent room with strangers as we come together but stay apart… kinda like a lot of things in life

Silent dance party is HOT

Exhibits!!! Oh my eggs every where

Once upon a time I owned 7 chickens & 1 duck

Super hero’s!

Beautiful artistic hand wood carvings

My family!!!

$20 NO JOKE great snack

That retro vibe pulled me in. I’m just strolling and enjoying the cool air Acs this. Yep picture worthy

Don’t forget to look up

can y’all tell i like the air and exhibits 🤣💯👀

Silent disco!!!

Baby chicks!!! Newly hatched

I admire a person who can’t produce such beautiful art with their hands

There’s a monocar that takes an ariel spin around the park. I just kept clicking lol

Who doesn’t love the Farris Wheel

I don’t get to go every year but this year was special because this year we carried on the tradition with my grand daughter!!! She ate fat turkey leg, creamy ice cream, over priced & diluted “lemon aid” disguised water with sugar & colors, we drank water, and maybe some wine too.

Walked for 5 hours and laughed the day away… summer fun, fair fun, family fun.

3 years ago I asked for those moments and today I say thank you for the persistence I gave to walk away from a job that never would have allowed me to spend a guilt free day. I’m proud of myself for holding myself accountable for my daily wants.

Yeah Tuesday are my networking days but afterward it’s fun!

My 13 yo cub says to me.

“Mom this was the best day ever”

And in that moment I lived…. all the uncertainty & follow through came together. I did that and I’m proud!

As always THANK YALL in advance ! Appreciate the support, shares & likes where it fits!





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