Blended Families.

  • Time (how we worked out the time/visitations)
  • Money/Finances
  • Holidays
  • Conflict resolution
  • Who’s responsibility is it
  • Love & respect
  • Much much more!

So get your questions ready, get your mind set to input and feed back! I am looking forward to sharing with yall!

I have been a part of a blended family for 38 years as a bonus kid with both my parents remarrying and having additional kids, and partners with kids.
YEAH and divorce again!

I later created a blended family of my own as a bonus mom with 3 boys and their families and dynamics, plus my own child. YES thats 3 mommas plus a daddy! Listen I can’t make this stuff up BUT I am happy to share my journey with yall today.

Its about that growing and learning.

See yall soon! 7pm PST FB and Instagram!

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