Thank you in advance for the support you are giving!!! I see you!!!

What I do know is we all need a safe place. Im ready to laugh or cry, to share my tools & tricks while learning yalls. I’ve had a friendship for 26 years and in that place I’ve had the opportunity to create and manifest the life I live today. It is my goal to assist others in doing the same.

Let’s talk about life. With transparency and no blame or shaming. Let’s create space to develop deep meaningful exchanges and level up on our social & emotional exchanges.

Let’s embrace and find places to build and support and strengthen.

Let’s celebrate.

Some of my Life 101’s

I’m so grateful to have successfully contributed to a few humans that sprang from my loins & a few others from my heart but other loins, a few have survived to maturation & 1 has now made me a proud grandmother! There are still 2 in progress & yet to be determined outcome. 🤣

Translation: I’m parenting & grand-parenting lol or something like that lol

In addition to the privilege of growing up in a blended family I then graduated to being a bonus mom myself. One of my kidlets was special needs for ADHD and some other traumas. I know what it’s like to sit through IEP’s and evaluations.

I’m a late student who graduated in my 30’s! And a teen momma, I have lived a diverse life. I have been married and divorced. It happens, I’m a better person, communicator, parent because of my growth through my adversities.

I have learned how to live frugally! Listen I can feed 6 with $10 and have a complete meal. Meal planning, beatification on a budget, thrifting, fixing and all that Jazz.

The gig economy (contract work ie Task Rabbit /Thumbtack) (no this is not a promotion or marketing 🎈💯)

I’m new to Stockton but not to my joy of helping others! Business Networking and Referrals is my way of connecting with my community to support my love of other entrepreneurs a small business owners like myself. Public speaking and supporting healthy relationships is my experience & expertise.

There is power and healing in a community dedicated to communication and love. I’ll see y’all tonight!


All are welcome

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