I watched Nina speak reverently and with such passion. Her words conveying her desire for equality and freedom.

I agree with her point and then I got to thinking… is this my idea of freedom? The lack of fear?


When fear shows up: I have a 10 seconds rule:

For 10 seconds ONLY

I allow myself to submit to the fear. I dive into the pit of what if’s, the dread of the worst possible outcome, the crushing weight of myself imposed failure. I allow what ever physical expression to manifest. I accept, acknowledge, and address my fear head on. Like a fish to water I allow the pain to engulf me.. For 10 seconds…

And then.. I do.

The addendum to life is despite fear life goes on, with or without me. So despite my fears I move. Despite my fear I do. Despite my fear I achieve. And move on. Accepting my place gives me the ability to check in and evaluate my progress as well as my needs to achieve my goal. I don’t get stuck anymore because I allow the space.

Freedom to me is not the lack of fear, fear is just an indicator, but rather the ability to achieve and function at our best despite the fear.

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