Today was the day!!!!! SBRNG🚀💯🙌🏾 Thank you Trail Coffee Roasters for your fabulous drinks and treats!

Networking, like sitting in a place and meeting people is not an issue, in theory. In fact people speak to me, often. Lol but doing it..well that’s something else. Starting it, meaning creating it is another thing.

My fear👀: No one would show up and I would be just sitting there… alone. I know not the end of the world, but that’s ok!

Truth: I was not alone! It’s a coffee shop and I worked through it.

I met Susan and her daddy Ben today. It’s her birthday and she is 3 years old! They shared a few minutes of their time and we wished her happy birthday 🎊🎂🎉🎁🎈 with a cookie, although she did tell her daddy the cookie was NOT a replacement for her cake 😒🤣💯

I sat in the coffee shop and enjoyed the place I have arrived that allows me the opportunity to network on a Tuesday morning within my community.

My life has measurable goals and outcomes and this was yet another achievement!! Today it was 4 attendees, 1 photographer, 2 kidlets being cuter then cute, 1 dad who is studying Japanese, & me!!!

I look forward to seeing what next week brings! Thank you in advance!

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