Hello All. You are all INVITED to join me in launching Stockton Business & Referral Networking Group! I truly believe that when we step out and connect with others, great things happen. SOOOOOO 

I hope this day finds you well!

I am a newer resident of Stockton and although I have lived here for over a year I am a commuter. Until recently..

I am looking forward to growing within this community and what better way than to meet others right?! I have been taking walks, and drives, and getting to know my local business owners, and neighbors. 

I truly believe in the power of connecting. I have had the pleasure of traveling and meeting wonderful people. It is my goal to continue that practice here in Stockton. 

  • Who: A person in business. (Small, Medium, Online, MLM, Sales, Coaching, Dentist, Florist, etc) 
  • When: Every Tuesday 10am-11:30am
  • Where: Downtown Stockton Trails Coffee (Buy your own beverage)

Group Networking Goals= Pay It Forward

Let’s meet, let’s get to know each other, let’s grow!

  1. Bring a business card
  2. Take a business card
  3. Call the person whose card you picked
  4. In 1 weeks times connect with that person to see how you can be of assistance/ service.

Yep that’s it!

I look forward to meeting you every Tuesday, beginning May 29th 10am!

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