Transformational Coach | MSW | Therapist | Yogini| Public Speaker

JamiQuan decided to be the conscious creator & soul narrator of her life.

Having hit rock bottom to dug deeper she finds transformation of the narrative allowed the wisdom of the unknown to blow new wind into her life and the lives of others.

An Oakland, Ca. native & producer of the transformative podcast, “The Me I Was Tomorrow” s
he color within & outside the lines of conversations, webbing contradiction into a coherent journey that shifts the listener’s experience from one of complacency to one of leading edge discovery & co-creating.JamiQuan is described as multi-dimensional, quick-witted conversationalist, embodying the spirit of the streets, therapist & life coach, entrepreneur, mother, & Yogini.


I know what it is like to transform yourself over and over again. To give your everything and then choose to walk away.
I was pregnant 2 times before I was 15 giving birth to my first child with a 7th grade education.
Yet I went on to purchase my first home in Sacramento, Ca at 25 & graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from CSUS in 2011. It took my ass over 10 years and I changed my major more times then is kool sharing here.
I have worked & lived in NYC, its COLD & I like to visit. I don’t live there ANYMORE.. 😉
I have successfully navigated life and all its desired facets.
I been married more than half my life successfully & learned a great deal from the other moments to get me there.
Equally been single & used my time wisely
Been doing parenthood for a LONG time. I was raised in a unique blended family. Did my stints in single parenting (no other parent), co-parenting, hostile parallel parenting, custodial and no-custodial parenting as an adult… etc you get the picture & if not ask.
Im not afraid to discuss the perception of failures.
I worked for some of the best Apple, CSUS, Health Net, & Lyft… Yet choose to walk away from each of them.
Im a Pk= Preachers Kid & SEX positive =Safe/Sane/Consent & funny…
If today is my last day I am content with all that I have done, and yet very excited still about all that I know I can do.
Are you ready to be the conscious create of your narrative? Book a discovery coaching call.  Let talk. 
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